Welcome to F&PC 10/ PC 11 Honours class
You have chosen to take one of the highest level math course offered in Grade 10 in Burnaby South. This is a challenging course. This course is designed for students who wish to attend university. You will have to maintain excellent attendance and develop even better work habits, listening skills and study skills to be successful in this course. Extra help is available. ASK!! Be ready to be challenged every day! If this sounds exciting to you; then welcome to F&PC 10/11 F&PC honour class. You are in the right place!
This is an academic mathematics course leading to post-secondary programs. Its focus is on algebraic and geometric problem solving. Provincial Exam required for all Students.This website also provided additional information about the exam itself (practice exams, exact time and date of the exam, etc)
Pre-Calculus 11: The course comprises, primarily, a high level study of theoretical mathematics with an emphasis on problem solving and mental mathematics. The topics include study of algebra, quadratic functions, reciprocal functions, and trigonometry.

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2016-2017 Course Outline

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TERM I Notes and Assignments

1. Ch. 2 - Trigonometry Gr.10

2. Chapter 3- Quadratic Function Gr. 11

3. Chapter 4 - Quadratic Equations

5. Chapter 5 - Radical Expression and Equations

TERM II Notes and Assignments

4. Chapter 6 - Rational Expressions and Equations

6. Chapter 7 - Absolute Value and Reciprocal Function

TERM III Notes and Assignments

Chapter 8 - System of Equations & Inequalities

Chapter 9 - Linear and Quadratic Inequalities

Chapter 2: Trigonometry

Chapter 1 - Sequences and Series