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Math Support happens at lunch time in room A207, and Math Clinic is every Thursday from 3:15 - 4:30.
more specific help.
Here are some very helpful sites:
__LearnNowBC__ A great site with practice tests, live online tutoring and more for all grades. You need to set up your own account, but it’s free to all BC students, all you need to sign up is your PEN number. This is completely aligned with BC curriculum.
__BC.exambank.com__ A website where students can write online practice exams for Math 8 -12. This is completely aligned with BC curriculum, however this is a pay site.
__Purple Math__ A great site for K-12. It’s an American site (it doesn’t line up with our curriculum year by year) so you have to do some hunting for what topic you are looking for, but there are lots of links to practice worksheets and online tutoring. Check it out!
__BCMath.ca__ Another good free site with lessons on many math topics from grade 7 – 12. Be careful, although it has the names of the new courses, it’s aligned with the old curriculum so you’ll have to do a bit of hunting on your own to find the topic you’re looking for.
__IXL.com__ Another pay site with exams and assignment on math courses from K-10. It is aligned with the new BC curriculum.
__Just Math Tutorials__ Links to numerous videos demonstrating how to solve problems from all areas of high school and college math.
__MathTV__ Video tutorials on solving problems from algebra through calculus
__Formula Sheets__ Algebra, Trig, and Calculus “Cheat Sheets” of formulas and class notes.
__Interactive Math Lessons__ The mathematics here is presented with short explanations, interactive examples and demonstrations. Topics include algebra, logarithms, trigonometry, complex numbers, statistics and calculus. Use this site to review a topic or to learn something new. Lots of ads though.
__Math Mistakes__ Flash cards and other resources for increasing math skills from algebra through calculus.
__S.O.S Math__ A free resource for math review material from Algebra to Differential Equations.
__SAT Prep__ – Algebra Resources Galore
__Open Education Database__ – A huge database of free online Math courses ranging from high school through university level. Students may find useful courses on Algebra, AP Calculus (AB and BC), Arithmetic etc
__Online Math Courses__ – Another site with more free online Math courses.