Welcome to Pr-Calculus 11! This is a very challenging, exciting course designed to prepare students for Calculus and the type of math they will be needing if they are planning to study in any of the sciences at most post-secondary institutions.

Pr-Calculus 11 requires that students have complete Principles of Math 10 or Foundations of Math and Pr-Calculus 10. The goal of Pr-Calculus 11 is to prepare students for Pr-Calculus 12, which will in turn see students fully prepared to take Calculus in high school or University. This course consists of exciting, interactive animation and video lessons, that guide students in discovery of the following topics:

Sequences and Series`~`~`~`Trigonometry Quadratic Functions`~`~`~` Quadratic Equations Functions and Equations`~`~`~`Graphing Functions`~`~`~` Systems of Equations Linear `~`~`~`Quadratic Inequalities

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Chapter 3 Quadratics

3.0- Polynomials Review key 14
3.1 A- Investigating Quadratic Functions in Vertex Form key 14
3.1 B- Investigating Quadratic Functions in Vertex Form key 14
3.1 C- Investigating Quadratic Functions in Vertex Form extra 14
3.2 A- The quadratic function in standard form key 14
3.2 B - Combining Transformations Exercises key 14