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Mathematics 8 continue the path students begin in Mathematics K to 7 toward becoming lifelong learners of mathematics.

The Mathematics 8 curriculum is meant to reinforce the main goals of mathematics education:
• using mathematics confidently to solve problems
• using mathematics to better understand the world around us

The following Curricular competencies will be cover in Math 8:

Reasoning and Analyzing
  • § Use logic and patterns to solve puzzles and play games
  • § Use reasoning and logic to explore, analyze, and apply mathematical ideas
  • § Estimate reasonably
  • § Demonstrate and apply mental math strategies
  • § Use tools or technology to explore and create patterns and relationships, and test conjectures
  • § Model mathematics in contextualized experiences
Understanding and solving
  • § Apply multiple strategies to solve problems in both abstract and contextualized situations
  • § Develop, demonstrate, and apply mathematical understanding through play, inquiry, and problem solving
  • § Visualize to explore mathematical concepts
  • § Engage in problem-solving experiences that are connected to place, story, cultural practices, and perspectives relevant to local First Peoples communities, the local community, and other cultures
Communicating and representing
  • § Use mathematical vocabulary and language to contribute to mathematical discussions
  • § Explain and justify mathematical ideas and decisions
  • § Communicate mathematical thinking in many ways
  • § Represent mathematical ideas in concrete, pictorial, and symbolic forms
Connecting and reflecting
  • § Reflect on mathematical thinking
  • § Connect mathematical concepts to each other and to other areas and personal interests
  • § Use mathematical arguments to support personal choices
  • § Incorporate First Peoples worldviews and perspectives to make connections to mathematical concepts.
Term I

Unit 1: Fraction Operation .... Please use class notes below

***1.0 Fraction Skills Review

***1.1 Multiplying a whole number by a fraction

***1.2 Dividing fraction by a whole number

***1.3 Multiplying Fraction by a fraction.

***1.4 Multiplying improper Fraction and mixed number

***1.5 Dividing Fractions and mixed number N.

Unit 2: Rate Ratio and Proportional Reasoning .... Please use class notes below

*** 2.1 Introduction to Ration

*** 2.2 Equivalent Ration

*** 2.3 Proportional Reasoning

Unit 3: The Pythagorean Theorem

***3.1A Squares and Square Roots

***3.1B Squares and Square Roots